Our key to success is to have the agility to respond to daily challenges while still navigating towards a successful supply chain.


Throughout - and now emerging from - the Covid-19 pandemic, logistics are top priorities in our supply chain management.


Our aim of any procurement process is to obtain the best deal for both Condur Trust as Seller / Trader and the Supplier.


Our adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain are key to our supply chains.

Our clients say

"Luckily, it has never been faster and easier to achieve, to build the planning supply chain planning capabilities that unlock that agility in record time with Condur Trust!"
Gina Redon
GM Schneider Electric
"Condur Trust is driven by innovation. They constantly look for new ways and ideas to meet our customers’ expectations and needs, no matter where they are in the world."
Jenny Adams
VP FedEx Express
“Whether customers are shopping in stores or online, they are relying on Condur Trust supply chain for many necessary items from the other side of the world they need every day.”
Karisa Sprague
VP Walmart
"Identifying all of the potential use cases in the earlier stages allows for a smoother transition to a digital solution with minimal disruption with Condur Trust."
Justin Sadler-Smith
VP Northern Europe
We connect your suppliers

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We are providing leading solutions for the next generation of chemical manufacturing and industrial operations

We can work together to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable products that fit our diverse world

From polyethylene resins to adhesives to polymer modifiers, we are here to support the supply chain for your total package

Procuring meat, seafood, wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rice, palm oil, and other foodstuffs from countries all around the world.

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